On behalf of the Interfraternity Council at the University of California, Berkeley, I would like to welcome you to Cal, and the IFC website!

You will find that Cal’s Greek Life provides a unique experience to its members. Many of our fraternities are deeply entrenched in the tradition and history of the school as well as their national organizations. Several of our fraternities are the first chapters of their respective national organizations founded west of the Mississippi River. Over the past 149 years, UC Berkeley Greek life has developed into a well-established network that contains ambitious scholars, dedicated leaders, and loyal alumni.

Our CalGreeks community abides by four pillars: friendship, leadership, scholarship, and service. These pillars facilitate collaboration and progressive change among our community members. The changes we have made to our community are often reflected at a national level. Through collaboration and dedication to common values, the CalGreeks community cultivates leadership skills and ambition in its students. We believe that the skills our community members acquire also positively influence their ability to enter the workforce after finishing their education.

Joining my fraternity has provided me with so much room to develop myself, and it has given me access to opportunities that I could not possibly have imagined as a freshman. The various leadership roles I have undertaken throughout my time in the CalGreeks community have exposed me to leadership opportunities and life experience that only seems to increase with each successive role. I am honored to be able to give back to this community as I serve my term in IFC.

The UC Berkeley Interfraternity Council is committed to continuously improving our community. Here are some of our stated goals for 2019:

  • Develop improved educational policies and survivor support systems for our community and for survivors of sexual violence and sexual harassment, so that they can be handled in a careful and efficient manner.

  • Continue to work on improving alcohol & event safety at fraternity events while abiding by NIC policy.

  • Create new avenues for communication between other Greek life councils at Cal.

  • Maintain and increase recruitment numbers by working with New Student Services to fit IFC Recruitment with the new Golden Bear Orientation program.

I hope that that this website will provide conclusive answers to any questions you may have. If not, please contact me at

Go Bears!

Ray Hurst