Click on any of the frequently asked questions below to view our answer.

Click on any of the frequently asked questions below to view our answer.

+ Why CalGreeks?

For more than 140 years, fraternities and sororities at Cal have had a rich tradition of campus leadership and community involvement.

Cal has 69 fraternities and sororities whose members enjoy life-long friendships and develop leadership skills under a common fraternal bond that can be experienced by your child.

CalGreeks are involved in community and campus service, contributing countless hours and financial resources to the local area. CalGreeks' fraternity and sorority chapter members are leaders in bridging gaps in our community by reaching out to varying educational and age groups.

CalGreeks members actively participate in campus traditions such as Homecoming, Trick or Greek at Halloween, and Welcome Week. Intramural sports are also an integral part of the CalGreeks experience. Chapters field teams in football, volleyball, hockey, soccer, softball, and basketball among many others.

+ How does fraternity and sorority life contribute to the goal of "education?”

CalGreeks strive for academic excellence. Chapters organize tutoring programs, study hours, and offer educational resources and programs. Many organizations even offer scholarships and awards to recognize members who do well.

+ How does CalGreeks help develop skills outside the classroom?

CalGreeks members are leaders. The Cal fraternity and sorority community offers numerous opportunities to gain valuable leadership experience. In addition to the four governing councils, each chapter lects officers such as president and treasurer, and all members have the opportunity to attend regional and national training conferences.

+ What kind of practical benefits does CalGreeks membership offer?

Many immediate benefits are received through CalGreeks membership, including numerous leadership possibilities, academic encourage, and philanthropic opportunities.

CalGreeks members offer their time and talent to a number of local and national charities. Community service and philanthropic events organized each year include helping local food banks, visiting children's hospitals, and assisting at blood drives.

+ What kind of friendships develop in the CalGreeks community?

College friendships last a lifetime because students share in the unique experience that help them grow into tomorrow's leaders. Residence hall and class friends will enrich the life of your child; however, friends who share the CalGreeks experience remain deeply committed to each other throughout life because they share a common experience with chapter brothers/sisters and fraternity/sorority ritual ceremonies that have developed across generations.

+ How much will it cost?

There is no set cost for membership and fees vary between chapters. Be sure your son/daughter inquires as to the full cost of membership.

+ How would my child get involved?

Anyone interested in becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority is encouraged to attend informational sessions held at the beginning of each semester, visit with individual chapters, or stop by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life for information.

+ More questions?

Feel free to browse the individual council pages for council-specific FAQs and more information about recruitment, specific chapters, etc.