IFC Officers

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Jon Jay

IFC President

Contact regarding: Any questions regarding IFC chapters, the IFC Executive Board, relations between the IFC and stake-holding organizations, etc.

Year: Senior
House: Tau Kappa Epsilon
Hometown: Concord, California
Major(s): Cognitive Science

Hello, and welcome to the Interfraternity Council at UC Berkeley! My name is Jon Jay, and I'm a brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon, and have worked extensively with our CalGreeks system as President of the CalGreeks Alcohol Task Force before assuming my current role as IFC President. The CalGreeks community and my chapter has given so much to me, and it's an honor to give back to it in my capacity.

Samuel Crary

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Contact regarding: Budgetary matters and reimbursements

Year: Junior
House: Pi Kappa Alpha
Hometown: Fresno, California
Major(s): Computer Science & Economics

I grew up in Southern and Central California swimming and playing waterpolo. I study computer science and economics in the pursuit of a career in finance. I joined the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity in the fall semester of 2016. I served under Eric Berger as assistant to the IFC President before obtaining my current position.

Parham Rouzbahani

VP of External Affairs

Contact regarding: CalGreeks Website, IFC Social Media & Publications, Media Communications, Inquiries from Outside Constituents

Year: Sophomore
House: Theta Chi
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Major(s): Economics & Data Science

Growing up in Toronto, Canada, I spent my childhood watching hockey, petting moose and basking in snow, eh? I study economics and data science and am interested in applications of finance in medicine. I’m a huge fan of dogs, traveling, The Raptors, and making music.

Aidan Kingsford

Assistant to the External Affairs Vice President

Contact regarding: IFC Social Media Accounts

Year: Sophomore
House: Tau Kappa Epsilon
Hometown: Napa Valley, California
Major(s): Economics

I joined a fraternity my second semester at UC Berkeley, and have been involved in IFC ever since. As a proud member of CalGreeks, I am always ready to address the issues that need solving in our community, and will continue to do so throughout my time at Cal. Eager to hear new perspectives on key topics in our community, I look forward to continuing my service in the years to come.

Max Klaiman

Vice President for Standards

Contact regarding: Issues with Fraternity actions or questions regarding the IFC Judicial Process

Year: Senior
House: Chi Phi
Hometown: Medina, Minnesota
Major(s): Molecular and Cell Biology–Neurobiology

Hi everyone, I'm Max, a fourth-year student from Medina, Minnesota studying Molecular and Cell Biology, with a minor in Comparative Literature. In my free time, I like playing hockey, watching the Green Bay Packers, and studying for the MCAT. I hope to attend Medical School following graduation. Go Bears!

Tomas Santos

IFC VP Sustainability

Contact regarding: Waste management, environmental issues.

Year: Sophomore
House: Chi Psi
Hometown: Half Moon Bay, California
Major(s): EECS

I'm the sustainability dude around here. I like computers, backpacking, and not killing mother earth. Find me at fraternity events holding my vividly green, collapsible, reusable cup!

Nick Goomer

IFC VP of Recruitment

Contact regarding: Recruitment Info, New Chapter Inquiries, Rechartering

Year: Junior
House: Sigma Alpha Mu
Hometown: Carlsbad, California
Major(s): Economics

Hey all, my name's Nick and I'm a third-year Economics major pursuing a minor in Bioengineering. As the IFC VP of recruitment, I am in charge of making sure that recruitment goes smoothly for both students thinking about rushing and fraternities conducting recruitment, as well as facilitating the affiliation of new chapters into the IFC. If you have any questions about joining Greek life, how to get more involved with the IFC, chartering a new chapter, or just general questions about my role, feel free to email me at ifc.recruitment@calgreeks.com!

Pablo Chong Herrera

VP of Health & Wellness

Contact regarding: Educational Requirements, resources for improving physical and mental health, information about on-campus resources and off-campus resources

Year: Senior
House: Chi Psi
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Major(s): Political Science

I lived in the Bay Area since I was six and have always wanted to go to Cal. In Greek Life, I am part of Chi Psi Fraternity and am part of the Executive Council as Lodge Manager. I enjoy watching the NBA and going for hikes.

Jesse Ough

Vice President of Risk Management

Contact regarding: Risk management policies, rules, bylaws, code of conduct, and the operations of events

Year: Junior
House: Theta Chi
Hometown: El Cerrito, California
Major(s): Applied Math & Statistics Major, Conservation and Resource Studies Minor

At Cal, I am a play-by-play sports broadcaster for the football, basketball, and baseball teams. I love to be around the ocean and I am on the club baseball team. My favorite part about being here is the opportunity to meet new people and hearing their stories. It's really cool to meet all sorts of people with different cultures and backgrounds. I am from the Bay Area, so please ask for recommendations about anything to do around Berkeley!

Alexander Lieberman

IFC VP of Emergency Preparedness

Contact regarding: Emergency Preparedness Safety Tips + Preventability Measures

Year: Senior
House: Phi Kappa Psi
Hometown: Plantation, Florida
Major(s): Media Studies

I am a senior, majoring in Media Studies, and also a member of Phi Kappa Psi. When not serving the IFC community, ensuring that we are well prepared for any and all natural disasters, I can be found doing something sports related. Whether it be previously playing for the Cal Club Lacrosse Team, anchoring an incredibly successful Co-Rec Intramural Soccer team in goal, or working in the field of Sports marketing, you can find me either doing something sports related, or wearing enough LuLu Lemon to at least give off that appearance. Please feel free to contact me with any and all questions related to the IFC's emergency preparedness procedures, or simply to talk about the Miami Hurricanes, Cal Bears, and/or Georgia Dawgs.

Chad Visser

VP of Philanthropy

Contact regarding: Philanthropy Inquires

Year: Sophomore
House: Alpha Tau Omega
Hometown: Santa Barbara, California
Major(s): Economics

I am a second year economics major with professional interests including banking, non-profit work and real-estate development. Outside of academics, I love to hike, golf, and spend time at the beach. Within IFC, I'm very passionate about building a culture which values philanthropy in the CalGreeks community. I believe this as an opportunity for Cal students to give back and improve relationships with neighbors and community leaders.

Aryan Nair

VP of Diversity and Inclusion

Contact regarding: Diversity, inclusion, community development, queries about how IFC chapters are adapting

Year: Junior
House: Phi Kappa Psi
Hometown: London, England/Mumbai, India
Major(s): Chemical Engineering

I was born in India and have lived in England now for many years. I am currently studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in Theatre. Following a recent amendment to the IFC constitution, I am excited to announce that we as a community are taking big steps to make community development a top priority.