Raymond Hurst

Contact regarding: Any questions regarding IFC chapters, the IFC Executive Board, relations between the IFC and stake-holding organizations, etc.

Year: Junior
House: Pi Kappa Alpha
Hometown: Mendocino, CA
Major(s): Conservation and Resource studies

I would consider mysef open-minded and social. I love meeting new people, being exposed to other points of view, and learning new skills or concepts. My hobbies include drawing and guitar.

Abel Edens
VP of Risk Management

Contact regarding: Risk Abatement Practices, Risk Management Inquiries

Year: Junior
House: Sigma Nu
Hometown: Pasadena, CA
Major(s): Political Economy

SoCal born and raised. Attended Saint Francis High School in La Cañada before coming to Cal. Employee at the Berkeley School of Public Health. Hobbies include figure drawing and painting.

Samuel Crary
VP of Standards

Contact regarding: Judiciary proceedings, processes, and protocols

Year: Junior
House: Pi Kappa Alpha
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Major(s): Computer Science and Economics

I am currently in my penultimate year at Cal pursuing a double major in Economics and Computer Science with a minor in Data Science. I have held positions on the IFC executive board over the past two years, most recently serving as the Vice President of Internal Affairs. I currently intern for a private equity firm and work for Cal Athletics Marketing Division. Go Bears!

Parham Rouzbahani
VP of External Affairs

Contact regarding: CalGreeks Website, IFC Social Media & Publications, Media Communications, Inquiries from Outside Constituents

Year: Sophomore
House: Theta Chi
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Major(s): Economics and Data Science

Growing up in Toronto, Canada, I spent my childhood watching hockey, petting moose and basking in snow, eh? I study economics and data science and am interested in applications of finance in medicine. I’m a huge fan of dogs, traveling, The Raptors, and making music.

Aidan Kingsford
VP of Internal Affairs

Contact regarding: Budgetary Matters and Reimbursements

Year: Sophomore
House: Tau Kappa Epsilon
Hometown: Napa, CA
Major(s): Economics

I have lived in the Bay Area my entire life and have always wanted to go to Cal. I am studying economics and pursing a career in finance. Aside from being apart of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, I enjoy playing tennis and watching the Giants.

Maximilian Ackerman
VP of Philanthropy

Contact regarding: Philanthropy Inquiries

Year: Freshman
House: Theta Chi
Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA
Major(s): Pre-Haas, Economics

I grew up in Southern California, so I spent my fair share of time in the water. I have a passion for the sport of Baseball and play here at Cal on the Club Team. Other interests of mine include hiking, my dog, classic rock and country music, James Bond movies, and volunteering.

Tyler Dale
VP of Sustainability

Contact regarding: Waste management, Environmental issues

Year: Junior
House: Chi Phi
Hometown: Golden, CO
Major(s): Environmental Economics and Policy

I am a third year at UC Berkeley studying Environmental Economics and Policy. I am currently taking my passion for environmental justice and the Greek system to the next level through my position of IFC’s VP of Sustainability. Throughout my term I hope to improve the waste management and culture surrounding sustainability within CalGreeks.

Cameron Martin
VP of Diversity and Inclusion

Contact regarding: Issues regarding community development and/or diversity and inclusion

Year: Sophomore
House: Alpha Tau Omega
Hometown: Clayton, CA
Major(s): Media Studies and Anthropology

Hey my name is Cameron Martin, and I’m currently a sophomore studying Media Studies and Anthropology. I’m an East Bay native but couldn’t be happier to have stayed here for college. Aside from IFC I’m also involved in the ASUC working in a senator’s office.

Christian Medina
VP of Event Programing

Contact regarding: Programming small and large-scale events, tailored towards IFC and Calgreeks

Year: Junior
House: Tau Kappa Epsilon
Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA
Major(s): Individual Major - Experience Design and Branding

I’m Christian, I went to school in Los Angeles, CA, but have live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during my summer and winter breaks since I was 12. I’m passionate about all things design and unique travel experiences. In my spare time you can find watching the news, planning a trip with my friends or in a pool. A recent fun fact: I tried guacamole for the first time in 2018.

Daniel Lee
VP of Recruitment

Contact regarding: Anything regarding Recruitment, New Chapter Inquiries and Rechartering

Year: Junior
House: Tau Kappa Epsilon
Hometown: Torrance, CA
Major(s): Legal Studies

Hey everyone, I’m Daniel, a third year student from Torrance, California majoring in Legal Studies with minors in History and Political Economy. In my free time, I enjoy both watching and playing basketball, DJing, and going to the beach. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about joining Greek Life, chartering a new chapter, or anything about my role!

Evan Blaney
VP of Health and Wellness

Contact regarding: Educational Requirements, resources for improving physical and mental health, information about on-campus resources and off-campus resources

Year: Junior
House: Sigma Chi
Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Major(s): Nutritional Science

I am a pre-med student here at UC Berkeley, passionate about all things health and wellness. As a member of our community, I think it is imperative to acknowledge the issues regarding our organizations. Mental Health, Sexual Violence and Substance addictions are all issues I hope to address in actionable ways.