Panhellenic Sororities

The Panhellenic Council is now located at Please visit their new website for additional information, including Recruitment Information.


Panhellenic Council

The Panhellenic Council is the governing body for 13 sorority chapters on campus.  Twelve (12) are associated with the National Panhellenic Conference and one (1) is associated with the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations. The council serves to promote CalGreeks’ core values: scholarship, leadership, friendship, and service.thetaoutside

Leadership: The Panhellenic community strives to develop leaders. Within chapters and within the Panhellenic council there are many leadership opportunities available to members. These opportunities are not just any leadership positions, but are supported by the Campus Life and Leadership department ensuring that various leadership programs facilitate our growth. Leadership development is a unique part of sorority life that provides essential experiences for growth as a professional woman.

Scholarship: Each chapter in the Panhellenic community strives for high academic achievement. There is a minimum GPA requirement to joining a Panhellenic chapter and chapters work very hard to help members reach this. Chapters provide many resources and incentives to each member to help them succeed. For example, study tables, Professors Dinner, prizes for high GPA’s, study files, and an array of networking opportunities, are all available to each Panhellenic woman. The Panhellenic GPA is higher than the all women’s campus GPA.

Friendship: Once you join a Panhellenic chapter, you will be a member for life. You will also make friends that will last a lifetime. Whether it is within your chapter or in another chapter, the bonds you will form as a member of the Greek community are very special. Various sisterhood events, Greek wide programming events and chapter events promote friendship.chiomega

Service: Service is a very important pillar to the Panhellenic Community. Each individual chapter supports a national philanthropy and throughout the year puts on different events to fundraise. The Panhellenic Council also supports various Greek Wide philanthropic causes through event programming and through volunteer hours. The Panhellenic Community often participates in The Berkeley Project, Relay for Life and frequently supports the Oakland Children’s Hospital. Service is a core value to all sorority women.

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