PHC Semester in Review

As we approach finals, I would like to take a look back on what has been accomplished Spring semester and what is in the works for Fall semester. Here are all the opportunities and services that we provided for you this Spring and what you can look forward to in the Fall. After reading this, I hope that you will agree that this semester was extremely successful.


Continuing on past semesters, CalGreeks hosted Chapter Officer training on February 6th for Presidents, Social Chairs, Risk Managers, and others. Recognizing that chapters want to have social events as soon as the semester started, we arranged for a Panhellenic preliminary Social Chair Training that occurred on the first day of instruction. To continue relationships with chapter officers and create arenas for discussion, roundtables were held with Presidents, Social Chairs, Risk Managers, GAMMA reps, Sustainability Chairs and Philanthropy Chairs. Chapter Delegates met bi-weekly to get caught up on everything Panhellenic to report back to their chapters. A new program this semester is Woman of the Month, where each chapter nominates a member and one is chosen and featured in the No Matter the Letters newsletter. I want to thank every chapter officer for participating in these discussions and for taking an active role in the community. Without your involvement, there would be no flow of ideas between chapters and progress would be made more difficult.


This semester we have improved on our relations with much of our community. First, numerous Panhellenic chapters took advantage of the Greek Opportunity Fund set up by the ASUC to fund their Philanthropy events. Ten out of our twelve chapters hosted philanthropy events raising thousands of dollars for their national philanthropies. Panhellenic has also created ties with the outside community through membership on the Chancellors Advisory Committee on Student/Neighbor Relations and the Neighborhood Relations Task Forced headed up by IFC Advisor, Brandon Tsubaki. Membership in these entities ensures that Panhellenic is able to participate in dialogues concerning risk management, neighborhood relations, and sustainability. In April, Panhellenic partnered with Kaplan Test-prep Services to gain a 15% discount on courses for Panhellenic women and host four strategy sessions at Chi Omega. Lastly, Panhellenic chapters are participating in the ReUSE clothing drive program during move-out to reduce waste.


Panhellenic women were busy this semester with programming events ranging from sports nights to service opportunities. Panhellenic and IFC sponsored Warriors Night in March and Giants Night in April yielded huge turnouts and fun was had by all! The ASUC Voter Booths were enormously successful, leading to multiple Chipotle re-orders and voters opting to use their smart phones to vote instead of waiting in the long line for a laptop. We want to thank Greeks for voting in this year’s election because many of our Greek candidates won! The Pre-Cal Day Cleanup saw unprecedented numbers with over 250 participants, the majority of which were Panhellenic women. In addition, every chapter had a team for Relay for Life, the American Cancer Society’s event to raise money for cancer research. Thank you so much for your participation this semester and get excited for Greek Carnival and Greek Week (including Greek Benefit!) in the Fall!

Risk Management:

Working with a brand new Panhellenic Social Code, Panhellenic and Chapter officers worked together to plan and register safe events for members. It was difficult at the beginning to work through the new City Ordinances and Fire Permits, but now that everyone has the routine down, the number of registered events has increased dramatically! This means that chapters are making risk management and safety their priorities in planning events on and off site. I truly appreciate chapter officers taking the time and effort to work through this difficult semester. We definitely came out on top and next semester should be no problem! Panhellenic chapters also completed their education requirements through events like the Body Positive documentary screening and having BEARS come to chapter meetings. The CERT program was brought to campus in late April, allowing chapters to send representatives to a building on campus instead of a fire station. Look forward to Greeks Fight Back!, a self defense event and an alcohol safety event for new members in the Fall.


Nine of twelve chapters were involved in Spring COB this semester, adding dozens of amazing women to our community! In February, 34 Recruitment Counselors were chosen and completed their semester long training in order to be effective in helping PNMs through the recruitment process in the Fall. Weekly Recruitment Roundtables with each chapter’s VP Membership were essential in getting everyone on the same page and sharing ideas. The Go Greek Book will be our official summer mailer featuring all four CalGreeks’ councils and providing more information about Panhellenic to incoming women. The Judicial Committee did presentations clarifying “dirty rushing” and educating chapter members on recruitment rules. I am so thankful for all of the hard work that chapters put in to recruitment events to make our community better. I am looking forward to an amazing recruitment in the Fall!

Reflecting on this past semester, it is amazing to see all of the wonderful things that have been accomplished and all of the excitement planned for next semester. None of these things could have been accomplished without the hard work and dedication of the Panhellenic Executive Council and all chapter officers. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any suggestions on how to make next semester even better! Thank you again for all of your contributions to the community and to your chapters. Together we are making the Panhellenic community better.


Katrina Ziegenhirt

Panhellenic President

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