Executive Officers

National Pan-Hellenic Council

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President: Omonivie Agboghidi

Shall preside at all meetings of the Council and perform any and all other duties usually demanded of such office. The President will be the spokesperson for the Council on all policy matters.



First Vice President: Brian Carmichael

Assists the President in the performance of the duties and preside in the absence of the President. Also 1st V.P. shall attend meetings thrown by other councils (PHC, IFC, and MCGC), and serve as constant communication between NPHC and the respective councils.


Second Vice President: Terry Allen

Shall fulfill the duties of the First Vice President in their absence, shall assist the 1st V.P. as a liaison of communications between the different councils (as well as the different organizations within NPHC), and shall be responsible for public relations, and publications work with the secretary.


Director of Communications: Jimmy Woodard

Shall keep an accurate record of all the proceedings of the Council, and be responsible for records, files and correspondence of the Council.

Treasurer: Shantell Nolan

Shall be responsible for all the safe deposit and oversight of all monies of the Council. The Treasurer is the head of the Council fundraising efforts, and is responsible for the budgeting and financial management of the council.


Shall be well versed in parliamentary procedure safeguard the rights of all members equally, and help transact the business of the Council legally and efficiently. The Parliamentarian shall be non-partisan at all times. The parliamentarian shall be responsible for the education of the Council regarding Robert’s Rules of Order.

Historian: Kojuan Williams

Shall take copious historical accounts (pictures, blogs, journal entries, etc) in regards to Council events and commitments throughout their elected term, and be in charge of publications.