Frequently Asked Questions

What is MCGC?

The Multi-Cultural Greek Council at the University of California, Berkeley was founded on February 2007 in order to better meet our individual needs, voice our concerns and promote the greater good of our community. As culturally based organizations, we strive to promote and uplift our common heritages and history. As a council we shall uphold our commitment to service, scholarship and the values of sisterhood and brotherhood.

How do I join a sorority/fraternity?

Each individual sorority/fraternity has there own unique process. To find out about joining please check out each individual chapter of your choice.

Community Service

As members of MCGC we pride ourselves in our community service events. Some chapters have at least one community service event per month. Other chapters apart from holding their own community service projects participate in projects hosting by the UC Berkeley communities.


Academics come first for all of our members. We are here for our education and our perspective chapters come second. Some of our chapters are academically based and have a 2.5GPA requirement for enrollment.


As our chapters are very diverse, the costs vary for each individual chapter. Some of our chapters do not have houses, so the cost can be less.

I am interested in starting a new organization and be part of MCGC. What is the process like?

1) Contact the MCGC President, mcgc.president@calgreeks.com, and ask about expansion guidelines.
2) Be seeking admittance to only MCGC during the application process.
3) The interest group on campus (if any) must not be a registered group on campus.
4) The interest group on campus (if any) must not flyer or promote any events, meetings, etc. using any UC Berkeley or CalGreeks trademarks and logos.
5) The interest group (if any) shall not hold any events or meetings on campus until recognized by the council.

For expansion purposes, who do I contact?

MCGC President: mcgc.president@calgreeks.com