• Off-Site Event Registration Guide – intended to assist chapters in planning a Tier 1 event and ensuring that all requirements are met.
  • Administrative Processing Requirements For Indoor Event Clearances – contains BFD/City of Berkeley guidelines for receiving an indoor event clearance. NOTE: the process is different than before, so please review this document.
  • CalGreeks Profile Guide- describes how chapters can update the different elements of their chapter profiles.
  • Summer Housing Lease Template – Use this template to create leases for summer boarders to ensure that they are held responsible for damages rent, etc. while living in your chapter house.
  • (Coming Soon) Comprehensive Risk Management Policy – Use this template to create a written Risk Management Policy for your chapter. Please be sure to check with your national organization and Calgreeks regarding the most updated policies to include.
  • ASUC Event Funding Guide for CalGreeks – Use this guide to help you get ASUC funding for your event.