• Event Fire Permit Reimbursement Form- Use this form to receive reimbursement for your chapter’s event fire permit. Fire permits are $87.50. Please submit the original form along with any receipts to the mailbox of the IFC VP Internal Affairs at 102 Hearst within one (1) week of the event. Please also keep a copy of the form for your records.
  • Event Notification Form- Use this form when applying for fire permits. Please print and complete the entire form. Bring the completed form and a check for $87.50 payable to the City of Berkeley Fire Department to the Berkeley Fire Department Offices located on the 2nd floor of 2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Way in downtown Berkeley. Questions about the process, call (510) 981-5585.
  • Self Inspection Checklist- Complete this form and turn in into the Fire Department along with the Event Notification Form. Use this to ensure that the venue is up to fire code before a representative from the Fire Department arrives for inspection.
  • Event Registration Form – Use this form to register social events so that they will appear on the weekly CalGreeks Event Update.
  • Event Security Reimbursement Form – Use this form for event related security reimbursements. In addition to this form, please also submit a copy of a receipt/contract between your fraternity and the organization to the mailbox of the IFC VP of Internal Affairs in 102 Hearst Gym. Please note that there is no limit to the amount of reimbursements for which you may apply. IFC will reimburse you 25% of security costs for a social event, and 50% of security costs for a philanthropy event. Requests should be submitted within one (1) week of the event.
  • Interfraternity Council Alcohol Education Completion Form – Please download, complete and either email a scan of the completed document to or drop off the original to IFC VP Risk’s mailbox at 102 Hearst Gym.
  • Interfraternity Council Philanthropy Fund - Application for receiving supplementary funds from IFC for chapter philanthropic endeavors.
  • Summer Event Registration Form – Use this form to register an event during the summer. Remember to read the terms and conditions carefully.
  • General IFC Reimbursement From– Use this form to submit requests for reimbursement not covered by any of the above forms. Once completed, email to the IFC VP of Internal Affairs (