IFC Sustainability

  • Mission

    • To increase the environmental sustainability of the 33 fraternities and the (roughly 1,200) individual members that IFC presides over.
  • Vision

    • To instill the ideas of environmental consciousness, personal sustainability choices, and lifestyle decisions, as well as what a fraternity as a collective unit can do to better the environment.
  • Purpose

    • To motivate, encourage, and incentivize fraternities and fraters to enact positive environmental change on the local stage for a lasting global affect, in turn producing a generation of environmental stewards to solve the pressing environmental issues of the future.
  • Tasks

    • Education
      • VP of Sustainability is a position that balances both education and practice. The VP strives to supply the ideas of environmental stewardship for fraternities. Sustainability education is dispersed through regular sustainability chair meetings, educational events, emails, and personal guidance meetings with individual sustainability chairs.
    • Hands-on help
      • In accord with supplying the ideas of environmental stewardship for fraternities, the VP of Sustainability provides hands-on help, expertise, and resources for IFC chapters to capitalize on. For example, throughout the spring 2011 semester, the VP conducted recycling system and sustainability check-ins at IFC fraternity chapters. These served as a gauge to see what aspects of sustainability houses could improve on, as well to offer the know-how and material resources to make those improvements.
    • Interconnecting
      • VP serves as the chief liaison between the sustainability chairs of each chapter and IFC, as well as the chief liaison between IFC and other sustainability groups on campus and in the community. For example, VP works very closely with Greening the Greeks.
    • Allocating resources
      • VP works with outside entities, applies for grants, and consults IFC funds to allocate money to help fund sustainability initiatives within fraternities. The VP also works to get tangible materials like CFLs, aerators, recycling/composting binsĀ  and other sustainability materials into fraternities to help increase energy and water efficiency and waste reduction.

If you want to get involved, please contact the IFC Vice President of Sustainability at: