How To Register An Event

Remember: an event includes parties, exchanges, date parties, alumni events, and philanthropy events!

  • Complete the Berkeley Fire Department “Fire Permit and Event Notification Form”. Click here to access that form and print it out. The checklist can be found on pages 6-12.
  • Take the completed “Fire Permit and Event Notification Form” that you filled out, to the Berkeley Fire Department located on the 2nd floor of  2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Way with a copy of your business license and a check or money order for $93.50 made out to “City of Berkeley Fire Department.”
  • Schedule a Fire Inspection date and time with the Fire Department (normally, they will come the day of, or the day before your event is scheduled to occur.)
  • Fill out the IFC Event Registration format least ten (10) days prior to your event. Click here to access that form.
  • Notify your neighbors that you will be having an event; give them a list of contact phone numbers so they can reach you if they have any questions, concerns, or issues.
  • You will be notified if you event has been approved by the Wednesday before you event is scheduled to occur.