The GAMMA President acts as the chief executive and official representative spokesperson of GAMMA. He or she oversees all the other GAMMA Executives and works closely withthe GAMMA advisor. The president chairs and presides over GAMMA Executive BoardMeetings and prepares the agendas for all meetings. The GAMMA president must understandthe constitution and by-laws of the All-Greek Social Code. The president can be contacted at

Vice President of Media

The GAMMA Vice President of Media is responsible for the GAMMA website and information distributed by GAMMA. He or she selects and monitors the content of the GAMMA website.The VP media also executes educational campaigns aimed at the Greek community concerning health and wellness and alcohol awareness. For these campaigns, he or she may work withother university organizations including GenEq and the Tang Center. Additionally, the VP Media disseminates educational information to GAMMA representatives. The VP Media can be contacted at

Vice President of Education

The GAMMA Vice President of Education is in charge of planning educational workshops and events for the Greek community. Event topics are selected through brainstorming by the committee or input from GAMMA reps and fraternity and sorority Health Workers. The VP Education works closely with the GAMMA advisor and the President of GAMMA to plan every detail of these events from speakers and room reservations to securing funding for the events. He or she must also be in communication with all GAMMA representatives at fraternities and sororities to ensure all chapters are informed of the events. The VP Education can be contacted at

Vice President of Community Walks

The GAMMA Vice President of Community Walks executes the GAMMA Community Walks Program (for more information on the Community Walks, see the “Community Walks” sectionof this site). The VP of Community Walks is typically a male member of an IFC chapter. He deals extensively with the IFC GAMMA representatives. He must develop and maintaincontact with the representatives, train the representatives in community walks procedure and schedule bi-weekly walks for them. He also meets weekly with the GAMMA Advisor toreview completed community walks forms. The VP Community Walks can be contacted at

All GAMMA Executive Officers are required to attend bi-monthly Executive Board meetings.