Community Walks

The community walks are central to the operation of GAMMA. They engage members of the Greek community in a system of mutual accountability, representing the values of safety and concern for the community as a whole that CalGreeks espouses. At 10 pm on Friday and Saturday nights, members of housed chapters in the Inter-Fraternity Council visit the events of the evening to observe the safety and security methods being employed by hosting chapters, and to advise chapters on how to bettermanage their risk. In order to help prevent strained relationships with the community or dangerous situations from developing, GAMMA representatives also document discrepancies between CalGreek risk management procedure and chapter behavior, and pass the information on to the Standards Boardfor review. These efforts are meant to assist chapters in upholding the values of the Greek system andrepresenting themselves well within the community as well as promoting safe, enjoyable events for all involved.
Sample GAMMA Community Walk Form can be found here.