Following the moratorium on alcohol use on the South Side of campus in 2005, a deal was struck up with the university to allow alcohol use to return on several conditions, one of which was the formation of GAMMA, which stands for Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol. Each fraternity and sorority was required to have one of their members participating in this organization, and it was created to work together with IFC.

The goal of the organization was to foster an environment built around safe socializing. GAMMA was not created to deter alcohol consumption, but rather to provide resources and support to those chapters that choose to have alcohol at events. GAMMA strived to maintain an atmosphere that strongly reflects the values of the Greek community and the safety of its members.

The main way GAMMA worked towards this goal was by organizing its members to go on GAMMA patrols around the Greek community, inspecting and reporting on the various social events during the weekends. The problem with the first system put in place was that GAMMA used this responsibility to attempt to enforce the rules themselves, rather than to work towards the greater goal of acting as a support system for the Greek community and acting as an observation agency. They gained the reputation of being a sort of student police force, branding GAMMA with that negative image that still endures to a certain extent today.

Jumping to more recent times, this past fall, GAMMA became a third party organization, no longer a part of IFC, but still under the umbrella of CalGreeks. The so-called patrols have undergone an extreme modification to stay true to the original goal of acting as a resource to the Greek Community and have been renamed community walks. GAMMA now works as a collaboration of Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, National Panhellenic Council, and Multicultural Greek Council. In addition, GAMMA has been divided into three different branches, Media, Education, and Community Walks. This new organizational structure of GAMMA has given us a wonderful new opportunity.

To start, GAMMA has the potential to extend the resources and support it can offer on a much larger scale. We can organize health and safety workshops, educate members of the individual organizations on various health topics, and have community walks preserve the safety and peace of our community. It is important that the Greek Community recognizes us as an impactful organization that serves as a vital part of the cohesiveness of our social experience here at Cal. This goes hand in hand with systematically readjusting the unfavorable image of the previous ill functioning version of GAMMA that sought to punish those who broke the rules.