The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body for UC Berkeley’s fraternities. We are the binding organization that ties all of the recognized fraternity chapters on campus. IFC serves chiefly as the official connection between the individual chapters and the University of California. As a council we are by and large self-governed through the efforts of representative delegates from each chapter, who work year long with the officers on IFC to strategize, plan, organize and execute short and long term goals to ensure the growth of the fraternity system at Cal.

IFC can also be thought of as the organization capable of doing things for the benefit of the entire community that no individual chapter has the resources to do on their own. We frequently engage in activities that include Greek-wide philanthropy and social events, public relations with the University and the rest of the Berkeley community, risk management and safety of the entire community and Greek wide recruitment, to name a few.

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